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Provide professional one-stop procurement services and customize products for customers
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    Founded by experts with many years of laser R & D and production experience

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  • Customized schemeCustomized scheme Customized scheme Customized programs

    Tailor solutions to your needs

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  • Innovative technologyInnovative technology Innovative technology Price guarantee

    High reliability with innovative technology

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  • Quality assuranceQuality assurance Quality assurance Quality guarantee

    The product has stable performance and long service life

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For many years, we have focused on the R & D and production of lasers
  • High power laser

    High reliability, low loss, miniaturization, good module performance and high stability

  • Fiber multimode wave locked laser

    Output power: 9w-120w, suitable for various application fields

  • Strength

    01-Strength advantage

    One stop laser R & D and production experience

    ◇ It is founded by experts with a number of patents and decades of laser R & D and production experience.
    ◇"Innovation, efficiency, quality and service" is the business philosophy.
    ◇ It has a professional R & D team, technical team and after-sales team.
    Technical advantages

    02-Technical advantages

    We have professional technology

    ◇ It has all-round and exquisite production technology to create high-quality products.
    ◇ Have the development strength to provide quality assurance products for the majority of users.
    ◇ And can be customized according to customer needs.
    Service advantage

    03-Service advantage

    Intimate after-sales service experience

    ◇ 24-hour customer service online and timely response service.
    ◇ In case of any quality problem, the product shall be returned and replaced unconditionally.
    ◇ No matter what questions you have, we will have someone to answer them carefully for you.

    Technical advantages

    Engineering construction

    Consult our
    Laser and application scheme
    The products are used in industrial laser equipment, such as welding, cutting, rust removal, etc

    About us

    Shenzhen Dianxian Laser Technology Co., Ltd

    Shenzhen point line laser technology Co., Ltd. was established in the beautiful Dawan district city of Shenzhen. With the mission of "intelligent laser, changing life", the company was founded by experts with a number of patents and decades of laser R & D and production experience. It focuses on the R & D and industrialization of high-power laser devices, wave locked high-power laser devices, laser systems and laser equipment, and is committed to high-performance fiber coupled semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers Development and market application of ultrafast lasers and other products. The products cover ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared bands, and the output power ranges from milliwatt level to 10000 watt level, which can provide highly integrated laser devices and systems.


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